Terms and Conditions

This document sets out the Terms and Conditions for 2020 Property Maintenance Services. By using our services you are agreeing to theses terms and conditions, please read the terms and conditions carefully.

Maintenance & Facilities Personnel

Work shall be performed by trained system or instrument specialists. Our services are derived from the service description and/or the type of service contract agreed. If required we are entitled to subcontract work to third parties.

Maintenance & Facility Services

Within the context of preventive maintenance we shall carry out work to check (in particular standardization) and preserve (in particular servicing) the principal functions of the instruments and eliminate minor damages that are caused by natural wear and tear (maintenance).

To perform services in accordance with dates agreed by the client.

Cleaning Services

We provide cleaning services for residential and commercial units (including end of tenancy, office and void cleans). Any estimates provided on the duration for an operative to complete the job are based on an estimated average time taken to clean a similar sized unit and will require some flexibility as precise timelines cannot be identified on the first job.

Equipment & Alarms

Cleaning equipment should be in full working order and used in accordance with health & safety guidelines. There must be power and water supply to the property for the operative to commence the work, if this is faulty or not working the operative has the right to not cancel the job, until this is rectified. Alarm systems should be deactivated/ activated so not to be triggered by the cleaning operative(s).

Cleaning operatives should be allowed to take before and after pictures for our records to confirm cleanliness and to be used in any disputes.


A minimum of 4 hours’ notice is required for cancellation of a scheduled appointment, this notice can be given in person, by phone or text message and will be accepted upon confirmation. If staff arrive before the appointment has been cancelled by the client, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee which will be equivalent to our call out charge at the time.


Payment in respect of any services or work undertaken shall be made as agreed prior to the work taking place 2020 Property Maintenance reserve the right to suspend services if payments are missing.

Certificates and other similar documents relating to the works, will be presented once payment for the work has been made in full.


2020 Property Maintenance are obliged to complete or rectify free of charge any work that has been performed defectively. Should you assert warranty claims, you must immediately notify us of any defects or damage after you have discovered them and do everything possible to limit the damage caused by a defect. If an examination of a warranty claim demonstrates that there is no case for a claim, we will be entitled to charge for the examination and performance of the service at the applicable rates.

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