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2020 Property Maintenance provides full Property Maintenance Services for landlords, estate agents, various companies and individuals looking for a five-star service. Even with experience, managing a property can be a full-time job. One you do not need if you already have a full-time job, live overseas or just too busy.

If you own a rental property, or you are a landlord of several investment homes, estate agents or a tenant we can take that load off your plate with our services.

Our property management service is so valued by our clients that, in more than eight out of ten properties we manage, tenants renew their agreements. And many of our corporate clients will not accommodate their employees any other way.

2020 Property Maintenance can call upon a wide range of service providers who are tried and trusted, reliable and who deliver a high standard of work.

Providing the best in Property, Block maintenance and Residential management in the United Kingdom

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Full property management is the preferred service level for the majority of our landlords, many of whom reside overseas or simply do not want any day to day involvement in the letting and management process. Our management service is also recommended for the busy individual who is not experienced in property management or familiar with Tenancy Law. It is also often the case that fully managed properties tend to attract corporate tenants.

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Building Maintenance

We aim to simplify your property maintenance projects by providing professional services and working with trusted contractors to provide a variety of maintenance services

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Facility Management

We provide a full range of services for both residential and commercial, delivering complete facility management packages. Our experienced team provide Hard and Soft services

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Providing a  unique service delivery structure which provides all our clients with a dedicated office based Property Manager, working alongside a dedicated Client Relationship Manager…

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Interior Design and Furnishing

Our interior design consultants will enable you to turn your idea into reality. We will guide you through each step to ensure bespoke quality features to produce a high end finish…

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